The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me.

Our family spent a wonderful vacation at the lake this past September. It was the
best cottage we have rented.
Every morning this bird or one just like him would be sitting on this rock.
It was something I would look forward to every morning. I would get up and glance
out the window of the bedroom. There he was.
Mr. Reliable bird I would call him. You could count on him.
My husband decided to challenge the bird a bit. He placed several rocks upon the big
rock. The bird just sat on those rocks on top of the big rock. I mean what did we expect.
Then a few days later a storm came up. The waves were so strong the rocks on top of
the rock disappeared and so did our bird for a while.
As soon as the sun shone and the waves settled down faithfully every morning our bird
was back. I suspect if the rock is exposed above the ice now Mr. Reliable maybe sitting on
that rock. Hopefully though he has flown more in land with the other birds.

This is the first entry of my blog. I am a Mother of four, wife to Archie for almost 34 yrs and a thankful Grandma who
loves to share encouragement with pictures, homemade cards, essential oils, health and
God’s word.
I also like to garden, bake, spend time at the lake and enjoy time with my family.
I have found a lot of joy in God’s creation and every day He amazes me with more of
His goodness.

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